Seuraatko NHL:ää? Miten käy contrykaupungin?

    Tänä iltana pelataan Nashvillessä sarjan seitsemäs ja ratkaiseva ottelu.

    NASHVILLE — Though it was 30 hours before puck drop, workers already were installing extra barriers around Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday in anticipation of the thousands of fans who will clog the famed Broadway Avenue to watch Game 7 between the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators on big screens.

    In the souvenir trucks on the adjoining plaza, merchants eagerly awaited the arrival of new T-shirts with ”PRINCE FILIP OF FORSBERG” on the front. Near the arena entrance, a small plane sporting Jets and Atlanta Thrashers logos is a dented and crumpled mess, the result of having been constantly crushed with a lead mallet by Predators fans throughout the Western Conference Second Round.

    Everywhere you look, Nashville is doing what Nashville does best: getting ready to hold a party of epic proportions.

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